About us.

About us.

Free your business.

When do you feel most free as a business owner? Most likely when you worry the least; when you can put all of your focus on what’s most important – your business.
A common contributor to worry for many business owners is their business’ finance. The Kapitalkredit team offer you help with your finances, so you can experience more freedom. One of the ways we can do that is by financing your invoices, so you don’t have to worry about delays.
Another way we can assist you is by offering you access to capital when you need it the most, through our short-term business loans. You can also get access to our combined expertise through our financial guidance service. It’s always possible to make a good decision even better.
Kapitalkredit was founded in 2010 by a group of strong, financially solid owners. Since then, the company has recruited a number of experienced professionals from leading areas within the financial industry. The company is currently based in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Malmö in Sweden with the aim of establishing itself nationwide.

We focus on you.

Financial services achieve excellence when defined by professional, efficient and effective service. By hiring only the industry’s best and brightest, we are able to offer the above and more. The combination of our professional experience and industry knowledge separates us from our competitors. You can lean back on your chair safely in the knowledge that our focus lies in putting the freedom of you and your business first.

We started Kapitalkredit because we believed that something important was missing in our industry. Thoughtfulness. In a world where everything revolves around money, we have chosen to focus on that which cannot be bought. Engagement. Trust. Integrity.

Our vision.

To help businesses achieve long-term prosperity.
We are interested in making long-term business relationships, not a quick buck. We see the value in a strong, lasting partnership. If things go well for you, they go well for us too. We are committed to giving you and your business more freedom.


Our mission.

Putting the customer first.
We are available when you need us most, outside of normal working hours if required. You will even hear from us between transactions. Put simply, the Kapitalkredit team look a little further forward and care a little more.


Our team.


  • Dan Hansson
    Dan Hansson Customer advisor
  • Björn Hellberg
    Björn Hellberg Customer advisor
  • Drolin Sassi
    Drolin Sassi Customer advisor
  • Susanne Ernert
    Susanne Ernert Customer advisor
  • Stefan Hamblad
    Stefan Hamblad Customer advisor


  • Anette Christiansson
    Anette Christiansson Credit administrator
  • Niklas Sandell
    Niklas Sandell Credit administrator
  • Ywonne Zaffarano
    Ywonne Zaffarano Credit administrator
  • Camilla Karrin
    Camilla Karrin Credit assistant
  • Admir Ramadanovic
    Admir Ramadanovic Credit Processor


  • Einar Augustsson
    Einar Augustsson Appointments
  • Kristian Andersson
    Kristian Andersson Appointments


  • Conny Grimling
    Conny Grimling CEO
  • Viktor Magnusson
    Viktor Magnusson Controller
  • Irma Kukuljac
    Irma Kukuljac Marketing

Would you like to help us give businesses more freedom?

We are always on the look-out for talented individuals to join our team. Are you as enthusiastic as us about the services we provide? If so, feel free to send us a short introduction to yourself along with your CV and we will get back to you when something comes up!