Om cookies.

A cookie is a small text file which websites save on a visitor’s computer. Cookies are used on many websites in order to give visitors access to a variety of functions or to improve their experience. The information in a cookie can for example be used in order to follow a visitor’s journey throughout a website.

There are two types of cookie. The first type creates and saves a file over a longer period of time on a visitor’s computer. These cookies have an expiry date and have several functions. They can be used to enable certain services, to provide analytics, to store preferences or to enable advertisement delivery. When a cookie has expired, it is then deleted when the user returns to the website which created it.

The second type is a session cookie, which does not have an expiry date. During the time that the user is active on the website, the cookie is stored temporarily in the visitor’s computer’s memory in order to for example provide content in the language that the user has chosen. Session cookies are not stored over a long period on the visitor’s computer, they are deleted when the user closes their browser.

We use Google Analytics in order to gather statistics on how you and other visitors use our website, which we do in order to improve your experience. You can read more about how Google Analytics cookies work here.