Invoice finance.

Invoice finance.

Instant finance for your invoice.

Invoice financing allows you to sell your invoice to us to free up capital. You usually receive the money within 24 hours. We take an arranged percentage fee for this service based on an agreement between us. You decide when and how many invoices you wish to sell. Financing your invoice allows you to improve the liquidity of your business, whilst avoiding a lot of the usual paperwork.

Better liquidity, reduced risk and less paperwork.

Quicker access to finance is just one of the many benefits of selling your invoice to us.

You improve the liquidity of your business.

You eliminate credit risk, which we take over.

You avoid the administrative paperwork.

You escape the need to chase non-payments.

You retain full control over which invoices you sell.

All this leads to more freedom so you can focus on what matters most: running your business.

How it works.

It doesn’t take long to sell your invoice to us:


We meet, agree terms and sign a contract.


You send the invoices you wish to sell on the invoice date.


We do a credit check and send the invoice to your client.


You receive the money – usually within 24 hours.


You experience more freedom.


Sound interesting?

In that case, we would love to meet you personally and discuss your business needs. Get in touch and we will get back to you shortly.

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